Title: Time of the doves

Author: Mercè Rodoreda

Publisher: Graywolf Press

Page Count: 208

ISBN #: 0915308754

Publication Date: October 1, 1986


Time of the Doves follows the life of Natalia during the Spanish Civil War. In the beginning, like most youth, Natalia struggles with finding her identity, but without a mother to confide in and the distance between her and her father, she easily rushes into troubled situations. Mercè Rodoreda masterfully describes the naive and turbulent road of youth that grows into a life well lived.


Thoughts on the book:

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The void left behind by the death of her mother leaves Natalia with many questions that only a mother would answer. Natalia’s choice to marry Quimet is rushed and built on shaky foundation. All the major life events seem dumped in her lap and she struggles to understand and balance them. The amazing part of this book is how Rodoreda captures the beauty and flow of coming of age in a society slipping into civil war.

A question that came to mind while reading The Time of the Doves:

Does marriage really need to be the purpose and goal of humanity, like it is always made out to be, or is it better to create other goals and if marriage happens along the way, well then it is an added benefit?

Favorite quote:

“The sun stayed hidden for a long time and everything got darker and darker and it started to rain.”
Mercè Rodoreda The Time of the Doves

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