The Coming of Age of the Gross

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Penny candy is now a dollar, what use to be a kiss is now a grope, and instead of helping when a person is down, it now seems ok to take the last breath from them or walk by as if they were not even there.  It is not the case that this is the way for all people in every circumstance, but more and more there seems to be a "take or ignore" mindset, rather than a "help and have empathy" mindset, and so it seems that we are approaching the coming of age of the gross, the coming of age of the takers, or as some doomsayers may prefer, the coming of age of the end.


As a child I was not the gentlest, nor the kindest.  Rather I was just a child trying to find their way in a world that seemed to already take from me and bite at me at an early age.  From this I learned that a strong fist kept most at bay and for those who weren’t kept at bay by the idea of my lashing out, the real lashing out seemed to seal the deal.  However, I tried to see through my anger and understand when people were trying to guide and help me in a positive direction, and through this, I came to appreciate helping, rather than harming.


As an adult, with children of my own, it is no longer about me so much, but instead about what I can teach my children so as to help them grow up in a world that seems a touch more vicious and extreme than when I was growing up.  And each time I encounter this viciousness I always wonder how I contributed to it in past actions done without thought or remorse, so long ago.  I see the anger that is in me is also a bit in my children, but upon this reflection, I try to shed light on the matter in hope that they will not hate the world so much.


As a citizen it is still very hard for me to interact with the average person, unless they are in need of help. At which point I aid and leave, not wanting anything more than to help and move on as quickly as possible, so that I don’t have to interact with those that take advantage or have twisted perspectives, which again causes reflection as to what more should or could I do for society to try to battle the taking and mutilating of morals that were once held seemingly more dear and close to most hearts.

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So to the idea of the coming of age of the gross I would ask what side are you on?  Do you notice the degradation of societal values and morals? Are you a taker or a helper or one that doesn’t want to get involved?  Would you spare the time to help your fellow citizen or do you grab what you desire, stepping on the spine of any who may stand in your way (reminiscent of a Wal-Mart stampede for the latest and greatest toy)?  Or do you, as I, seemingly bounce around, trying to be cognizant of your problem areas, and compensating for them as much as one’s own individual psychology would allow.


To all I say may we each try a bit harder to help one another, and if it is the coming of age of the end, may it be embracing one another, rather than with gnashing teeth. It is only the age of the gross if we allow it to be.


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