Coming of age of the AARP


What was once a developing idea in 1958 has now grown into one of the heaviest lobbying voices the government has encountered, and it is going to only get stronger. The coming of age of the AARP has found its very best friend when it met the baby boomers; a group of individuals raised as a force that has consumed and populated the world and its resources faster than any generation before.

In a time when the taker is king and politicians who pilfer from the pockets of the middle class are the norm we are going to see these individuals soon enter the AARP and when they do, you will see a dramatic shift in rights, resources and power. If the younger generation doesn’t soon get their head out of the electronic world and back into the idea of culture and humanity, we will soon see their rights revoked, similar to the Patriot Act.

It is not to say that the AARP has nothing to offer, and when I reach the age it may be the case that I join, but with everything in life we must be on guard of motives and intentions of such organizations.  The AARP has done some fantastic things to ensure the rights the elderly are taken into consideration and in a time when heating ones home is sometimes a luxury that an old person may not be able to afford, it is a good thing that the AARP is around. What I am saying is that, like in the past, we need to ensure a tight unification within the immediate family, extending into the grandparents, and at times, the great-grandparents.

The reason for such unification is so that the younger generation can learn from the older, even being forced to learn from them, at times, if the need arises.  I remember spending summers with my Grandmother and Grandparents on my mother’s side and learning much in the way of values, life, and living in harmony with one’s environment.  Because of this, it should not be the AARP that protects the elderly, but the generations who they raised.  If we lose the connection between elderly and youth, we are going to be damaging the foundation of our culture. As with school, the teachers can only do so much and then it is up to the students and the parents of the students to infuse the brief encounter with education, into their head.

I believe in an organization that helps, but we must be wary of the monster that can be created, and we must always ensure that we are taking care of the elderly and not forcing their hand into politics and the manipulation of Washington through cash. There should not be a war between ages, but rather a helping hand providing wisdom, and a helping hand providing support.  This mastermind, as Napoleon Hill says, is the one true way to succeed as a country.

So although the coming of age of the AARP is upon us, it does not have to be riddled with political innuendo and manipulation, rather it can be a coming of age of the embracing of the elderly with the youth.


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