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This site is dedicated to providing information on the many coming-of-age books out there that we believe tell a remarkable story of human growth. Although the books on our list always deal in some manner with coming of age, readers will find stories representing different genres, eras, cultures, as well as lifestyles. We hope to provide enough information for readers to continuously want to return to our site to find thought provoking, engaging coming of age books.

Life is complicated and people throughout time and across cultures have always managed to do amazing things to overcome struggle. Books that capture these stories are important tributes to realizing and always remembering human nature’s complexity and indomitable will.


We hope you enjoy your visit and find what you are looking for. If there is anything you would like to see added, please use the contact page for contact information. Below are some thoughts based around the theme of coming of age.


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Coming of Age Books Recommends Ada, Legend of a Healer

Coming Of Age Books Welcomes Ada, Legend of a Healer - A masterpiece of the coming of age genre.



But don’t take our word for it!

Books Worth Reading:


"It is thoughtful and well-written, full of suspense and wonder,
a great addition for any library."—The Seattle PI


"Ada, Legend of a Healer is a page turner!" —Reality Shifters


Books Worth Reading:



Rainy Day Poems - Coming of age loves it



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Read Coming of Age Poems

What better way to express the trials, the tribulations, and the enjoyable experiences of coming of age than through poetry. Here you will find an ever growing list of poems related to the theme coming-of-age.


Read Coming of Age Articles

Here you will find various writings related to the theme coming of age.

  1. From Contempt to Civility

    An essay contemplating the attitude of citizens as a whole and how that attitude affects opportunity from past to present, as well as future.

  2. From the 60s to Sixty

    A heartfelt reflection on the transition and coming of age as a teen in the sixties to turning 60 today. Each generation evolves beyond their time; this is a great essay addressing that evolution.

  3. Coming of Age Ideas

    Most every day, and in a myriad of ways we are always coming-of-age, from the child on the bus for the first time, to the parent starting a new job, change is a fact of life and this change can be considered a coming of age.

  4. Coming of Age of Art

    No more has there been an ever evolving, constantly changing thing than the field of art. From the High Renaissance, to the impressionists of the late 1900’s, to the German Abstract Expressionists it seems that the arena of "Art" is an ever changing and always accepting venue for the exchange of ideas amongts us.

  5. Coming of Age Rituals

    The idea of attaching a ritual to certain transitional periods in a person’s life seems fantastic. However, there are those coming of age rituals out there that revolve around the idea of pain infliction, in one form or another, and whether the person is old enough for us to understand their comprehension of said pain. This writing takes a look at pro’s and con’s of these rituals.

  6. Coming of Age of The Gross

    A phrase coined by Spiro Agnew in 1970 and quoted by Eminem in one of his songs is a seemingly befitting term for large portions of the current state of affairs. What is it that we are striving for and what lengths will we go to get that which we strive for?

  7. Coming of Age in The 21st Century

    When I think of the 21st Century the biggest thing that comes to mind is the Internet. One step away from the matrix where we have people being used as batteries, but they are still completely enjoying their life, within their mind.

  8. Coming of Age of The AARP

    Here is an organization that is already a force to be reckoned with, but in the coming years as a large portion of the American population enters their later years this organization can grow into an entity that has the ability to push and pull legislation in ways that we have yet to fully imagine.

  9. Rise of the Baby Boomers

    There is a group of people whose talents and knowlege are seemingly being put to rest before their full benefit is realized. The Baby Boomer generation is one filled with genius and wisdom that should be presented as a bridge for the coming generation and yet our current society seems to have a large rift between the young and the old, something we should fix as soon as possible so that once common knowledge, does not become lost wisdom.


Read a review on the book Coming of Age in Mississippi

Anne Moody shares her life story growing up in Mississippi during the mid-1900s. Poverty brings its own deep-seated struggle but compound it with living in a society that sees you as less than human, solely because of the color of your skin, and life becomes unbearable. Moody sinks into hopeless and silent despair during her turbulent teen years, but rises up for battle when she realizes silence in the face of such injustice means death, a truly unforgettable story.

Books Worth Reading:

Read Coming of age, by Simone de Beauuvoir



Books Worth Reading:






Books Worth Reading:

Everyone should read
The Coming of Age
by Simone de Beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir’s The Coming of Age is a thorough investigation into the most ignored phase of life that all humans, who don’t die young, will eventually reach, the senior years. She uses scientific fact, literary examination, evaluation of contemporary and historical societal standards as well as individual interviews to create a compelling argument for change in how people and society view the elderly. This is a book that will certainly change the perspective, in one way or another, of every one of its readers.




Books Worth Reading:





Books Worth Reading:

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