Ada, Legend of a Healer

Just Because You Can Heal,
Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Hurt

A thought provoking look at the future of humanity through the supernatural, coming of age story of a girl who has the power to heal. What would you do if you had the power to heal?

Coming of age book - Ada, Legend of a Healer

"This coming-of-age story heavily drew me in when Ada had to choose for herself how her life was going to play out once she discovered her unusual powers."
      —The Feathered Quill

"…it is a delightful read for any age. It is thoughtful and well-written full of suspense and wonder, a great addition for any library. "
      —The Seattle PI

"Everyone that reads it, can not stop until they are done. Thank you very much for the copies. It is going into our library and I believe it will help many start a meaningful conversation."
      —Oregon Youth Authority

"The author brings Ada to life in the minds eye in so many ways. Her emotions are laid bare before the reader and you can feel the aching of her heart… "
      —Midwest Book Review

"I know a book is wonderful when I read it straight through, and have trouble putting it down, and Ada: Legend of a Healer is a page-turner! This book deeply touches my heart.. "

A story of compassion and growth like none you’ve read before…

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Ada, Legend of a Healer

Books Worth Reading:
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