A Northern Light Book Cover

A Northern Light

A Northern Light is a story of a girl's search for identity and independence, complicated by the demands of family and financial struggle.

Mattie is faced with how to live her dreams without feeling as though she is betraying her family.
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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn book cover

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a timeless classic as well as one of the best coming of age stories of all time.

Set in the early 1900's, the story follows the hardships as well as the achievements of the Nolan family.
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Ada, Legend of a Healer book cover

Ada, Legend of a Healer

Ada, Legend of a Healer is a beautifully written, coming of age story about a girl who has the power to heal.

It is a thought provoking observation of some of the major issues our society is currently facing.

It is a journey of compassion and growth.
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Jane Eyre book cover

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is an incredible example of the strength of the human will but also the tenderness of the human spirit.

Jane is an orphan sentenced to the lower class of society because of her loss. She grows beyond society's judgment into a sensitive woman not afraid of life's challenges.
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Young Fu book cover

Young Fu

Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze is a story of unbearable pressure and struggle but also of the adaptable nature of youth and the importance of sound character. Forced away from the quiet solitude of his family's farm, Young Fu is thrust into the fast, and sometimes cut-throat, pace of city life where he'll be faced with hard choices that will eventually define the man he'll become.
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Huck Finn book cover

Huck Finn

Huckleberry Finn tells the story of societal conditioning and the struggle of a young boy who's determined to do what feels right in his heart.

Huck is faced with a choice, to help a good friend or turn his back on a man that society has judged a slave.
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The Giver book cover

The Giver

Jonas lives in the perfect society, no crime, no financial woes, no suffering, but at what cost? His new job, which was chosen for him by officials, will open a vault of secrets that will certainly bring into focus what he's never questioned: what's the price of a "perfect" society? Read More

The Joy Luck Club book cover

The Joy Luck Club

A The Joy Luck Club is a mesmerizing story of mothers and daughters filling in the gaps of misunderstanding that built up over years of high hopes and unreasonable expectations.
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The Hobbit book cover

The Hobbit

A day well spent for a hobbit is good food, a cozy fire and a full pipe, all in the safe confines of home. Bilbo's comfortable existence is interrupted by a visit from a wizard who wants Bilbo to leave behind all he knows for a mysterious adventure.
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Catcher in the rye book cover

Catcher In The Rye

Everyone expects Holden Caulfield to know what he wants to do with his life, but at sixteen what Holden wants to do is the opposite of what everyone thinks he should. Heading home after being kicked out of school, Holden sets out on a downward spiral of bad choices. Will he find his way?
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the outsiders book cover

The Outsiders

Ponyboy and his gang, the Greasers, have spent their whole lives silently accepting their place at the bottom of society's ladder. But, will they be able to remain silent when a gang of rich kids, the Socs, threaten to beat up any "greaser" they come across?
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homeless bird book cover

Homeless Bird

Koly fears that if her husband, of a pre-arranged marriage, dies she will be unwanted and even worse cast out of society in India. She can't go back to her own family and her husband's family will only see her as a burden. Why should one person's value be based on another's?
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time of the doves book cover

Time of the Doves

In Spain during the civil war, a young girl named Natalia stumbles onto her path in life, learning that despair, loss, and sorrow are, at times, the painful ingredients in self discovery. But, along this dark and troubled road is where her true character begins to bloom.
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Swann's Way book cover

Swann's Way

Marcel Proust beautifully captures life through the eyes of a young boy growing up in French society during the late 19th century. The narrator describes his thoughts and feelings on the parental injustices and naive confusion of coming of age.
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The Red Tent book cover

The Red Tent

The Red Tent is the story of Dinah, a biblical figure from The Book of Genesis. Dinah is barely mentioned in the bible, but Anita Diamant masterfully weaves a story that brings her to life along with a richly detailed vision of what life was like for women during the biblical times.
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The Lord of the Flies book cover

The Lord Of The Flies

A powerfully written, but disturbing example of the wicked nature that lingers just under the surface of humanity. What would become of a group of boys stranded on an uninhabited island?
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Children of the Arbat book cover

Children of the Arbat

This book follows the lives of a circle of young friends coming of age in Russia during the reign of Stalin. Anatoli Rybakov masterfully describes the psychological destruction inflicted on a generation subjected to Stalin's oppressive governing through fear.
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The King's Fifth book cover

The King's Fifth

Estéban is a teenage conquistador in the 16th century, a cartographer to the king, and he is the last person alive who is believed to know the way to the seven golden cities of Cíbola. What causes this teenage boy to remain silent and choose jail over giving the king his share?
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The King's Fifth book cover

The House of the Scorpion

Coming of age as a human being is hard enough. For Matteo Alacran it's the simplest of his problems, after he discovers that he is a clone. Set in a country called Opium, situated between Mexico and the United States, Matteo's life starts in a petri dish and unfolds in the poppy fields of El Patrón's drug empire.
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Coming of Age Books Recommends Ada, Legend of a Healer

Coming Of Age Books Welcomes Ada, Legend of a Healer - A masterpiece of the coming of age genre.



But don't take our word for it!


"It is thoughtful and well-written, full of suspense and wonder,
a great addition for any library."—The Seattle PI


"Ada, Legend of a Healer is a page turner!" —Reality Shifters




Rainy Day Poems - Coming of age loves it



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What better way to express the trials, the tribulations, and the enjoyable experiences of coming of age than through poetry. Here you will find an ever growing list of poems related to the theme coming-of-age.


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Here you will find various writings related to the theme coming of age.

  1. From Contempt to Civility
    An essay contemplating the attitude of citizens as a whole and how that attitude affects opportunity from past to present, as well as future.
  2. From the 60s to Sixty
    A heartfelt reflection on the transition and coming of age as a teen in the sixties to turning 60 today. Each generation evolves beyond their time; this is a great essay addressing that evolution.
  3. Coming of Age Ideas
    Most every day, and in a myriad of ways we are always coming-of-age, from the child on the bus for the first time, to the parent starting a new job, change is a fact of life and this change can be considered a coming of age.
  4. Coming of Age of Art
    No more has there been an ever evolving, constantly changing thing than the field of art. From the High Renaissance, to the impressionists of the late 1900's, to the German Abstract Expressionists it seems that the arena of "Art" is an ever changing and always accepting venue for the exchange of ideas amongts us.
  5. Coming of Age Rituals
    The idea of attaching a ritual to certain transitional periods in a person's life seems fantastic. However, there are those coming of age rituals out there that revolve around the idea of pain infliction, in one form or another, and whether the person is old enough for us to understand their comprehension of said pain. This writing takes a look at pro's and con's of these rituals.
  6. Coming of Age of The Gross
    A phrase coined by Spiro Agnew in 1970 and quoted by Eminem in one of his songs is a seemingly befitting term for large portions of the current state of affairs. What is it that we are striving for and what lengths will we go to get that which we strive for?
  7. Coming of Age in The 21st Century
    When I think of the 21st Century the biggest thing that comes to mind is the Internet. One step away from the matrix where we have people being used as batteries, but they are still completely enjoying their life, within their mind.
  8. Coming of Age of The AARP
    Here is an organization that is already a force to be reckoned with, but in the coming years as a large portion of the American population enters their later years this organization can grow into an entity that has the ability to push and pull legislation in ways that we have yet to fully imagine.
  9. Rise of the Baby Boomers
    There is a group of people whose talents and knowlege are seemingly being put to rest before their full benefit is realized. The Baby Boomer generation is one filled with genius and wisdom that should be presented as a bridge for the coming generation and yet our current society seems to have a large rift between the young and the old, something we should fix as soon as possible so that once common knowledge, does not become lost wisdom.


Read a review on the book Coming of Age in Mississippi

Anne Moody shares her life story growing up in Mississippi during the mid-1900s. Poverty brings its own deep-seated struggle but compound it with living in a society that sees you as less than human, solely because of the color of your skin, and life becomes unbearable. Moody sinks into hopeless and silent despair during her turbulent teen years, but rises up for battle when she realizes silence in the face of such injustice means death, a truly unforgettable story.

Read Coming of age, by Simone de Beauuvoir








Everyone should read
The Coming of Age
by Simone de Beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir's The Coming of Age is a thorough investigation into the most ignored phase of life that all humans, who don't die young, will eventually reach, the senior years. She uses scientific fact, literary examination, evaluation of contemporary and historical societal standards as well as individual interviews to create a compelling argument for change in how people and society view the elderly. This is a book that will certainly change the perspective, in one way or another, of every one of its readers.










Father Time is not always a hard parent, and, though he tarries for none of his children, often lays his hand lightly upon those who have used him well; making them old men and women inexorably enough, but leaving their hearts and spirits young and in full vigour. With such people the grey head is but the impression of the old fellow's hand in giving them his blessing, and every wrinkle but a notch in the quiet calendar of a well-spent life.
                        --Charles Dickens

Coming of age is to step from one phase of life to another, to grow in mind, spirit and body, and to smile at the past and look forward to the future.






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