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House of Lore Publishing is the sponsor of If you would like to contact us about anything pertaining to the site, or have coming-of-age book suggestions that you think belong on the site, we would love to hear from you. Please use the contact form on the house of lore website for any such correspondences.


Coming of Age Books is always on the lookout for classic or contemporary coming-of-age books that are thought provoking, engaging, hard to put down and ultimately a change of perspective that challenges the reader.


Coming of Age Books actively seeks out, reads and reviews coming of age books to add to our site. If you would like to recommend a coming of age book that you feel should be listed on our site, please contact us using the form below.


We love recommendations, and will do our best to read and possibly add the recommended books to our list. Books on our list are here according to our tastes and opinions. Our goal is to share our research, efforts and opinions with other readers who are seeking out thought provoking and unforgettable coming of age books. At this point, books listed on our site are books we have purchased, published, or borrowed from the library. If a book comes to us and ends up on our list by any other means, it will be stated, and quite an interesting book I'm sure.


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